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_____________BHI COMMEMORATIVE GEAR_____________

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Coaches can grab their free meal, drink, and/or snack on the go while they're running from game to game. Hospitality tents will be located at each venue throughout the tournament - all meals Saturday and Sunday.


___________VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY___________




Hello there! My name is Conrado Portnoy and I work for Sports Video USA, a company dedicated to filming soccer tournaments in different parts of the country. What we do is film entire soccer games in a professional manner using HD cameras mounted on 30-foot tall tripods. Filming from this height allows us to capture the best and most advantageous view of the field (the same way soccer games are seen on TV).

Sports Video USA is proud to be again the official video service provider for the 
Blackhawks Max Shacknai Invitational 2017. 
For the tournament, we have created a special "team package" to offer at the event. This team package includes us filming your entire games and then uploading online in 1080p high definition, for which purchasing teams receive a private digital link. Games are uploaded online, and links to stream the games are sent out via e-mail approximately 10 days after the end of the tournament. Past customers will recall that we previously offered physical DVD copies of games, but this year we have opted to provide convenient digital links instead, as the video quality is much better, and distribution among team members is a lot easier, as well. Filmed games serve as wonderful keepsakes and are used by many teams for tactical analysis. This special team 3 game package is offered for $540.00, two game pack $380.00 and one game pack $199.00
Any additional game will be $170.00.
Please note: if a team or player needs video files of games for the purpose of editing or creating a highlight reel, we can accommodate and provide an SD card with the game files (Add $30), which will be mailed out within the same time frame as the links. The files can then be shared among the team members wishing to utilize them.  
 If you would like us to film any  games for you during the tournament, simply email your team information to in advance (Team name, age group, gender) and it will be placed in our schedule. Availability is limited and demand is incredibly high for this event, so please do schedule as soon as possible to ensure that your games are filmed.

Feel free to contact me at if you are interested.
Thank you, and good luck!

- Conrado Portnoy
(949) 705-7012
Here is a sample of what your game could look like:




Gatorade wants to make sure your team is properly fueled to perform at their best. Your athletes will have access to Gatorade Thirst Quencher on thesidelines of each game and Gatorade Recover Protein Bars throughout the Blackhawks Soccer Max Shacknai Invitational. Gatorade Thirst Quencher has fluids to rehydrate, electrolytes to replenish, and carbs to refuel. Gatorade Recover Protein Bars have the high quality protein athletes need to help muscles recover. To learn more about the science behind Gatorade,<>.








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