All-Star Program Overview


The All-Star Program is open to all players who played on a Recreational Fall 2018 soccer team.  The objective of the All-Star Program is to provide a competitive, club soccer experience for recreational players and families who are interested in continuing to play soccer beyond the Recreational Fall season.  The All-Star Program also provides a sample of what players could expect from the PRFC Youth Soccer Competitive Soccer Program.


One key difference between Recreational teams and All-Star/competitive club soccer teams is the age group parameters.  Rec teams are formed by school grade whereas all competitive club teams, including our All-Star teams, are formed by birth year.  This means a player may, or may not, try out in the same age group as other players from his/her Rec team. 



All-Star Team Information


  • These teams will be formed via a tryout process conducted by our professional coaching staff. Players will be invited to participate on the team, up to the maximum team size.  Not every player who tries out will make a team.

  • Teams will be formed for Boys and Girls born in 2009 (U-10), 2010 (U-9), 2011 (U-8), 2012 (U-7).

  • Each team is coached by a professional trainer and will practice twice per week (as determined by the head coach of the team).

  • Teams will play in the Arizona Soccer Association (ASA) Youth Academy League.
  • The cost for this program includes a minimum of six league games, professional coaching during league games and training during two practices per week, league and ASA fees, tournament entry fees, uniforms, referees, and administration. The charge is estimated at $300-$400 per player.

  • The season is comprised of 6-7 Saturday league games from late December 2018 through mid February 2019.  The teams will play Saturday league games plus one tournament.
  • Each team will also partake in some in-house events that are held locally including the annual Competitive Program End of Season Festival in mid-March 2019.

  • Home games are played in Scottsdale at Chaparral Park.  Away games are played in the Greater Phoenix area.



Recreational All-Star Team Tryouts

Sunday 19th November - Cochise Elementary School


Players should register for All-Star tryouts ahead of time (although we will accept registrations in person on the day).  Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your designated age group start time:


Age Group: Under-7s (players born 1st January 2012 – 31st December 2012):

Boys & Girls - 10am – 11.15am


Age Group: Under-8s (players born 1st January 2011 – 31st December 2011:

Boys & Girls  - 11.30am - 1pm


Age Group: Under-9s (players born 1st January 2010 – 31st December 2010):

Boys & Girls - 1.15pm – 2.45pm


Age Group: Under-10s (players born 1st January 2009 – 31st December 2009):

Boys & Girls - 1.15pm – 2.45pm

Please note:  player DOBs and subsequent age group eligibility are strictly enforced in competitive club soccer.  No exceptions can be made regarding age group eligibility.


For more information on our All-Star Program please contact Neil Graham –





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