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Spring Futsal League 2017

Registration is now open for our 3rd annual Spring Futsal League! This Sunday spring league will begin on May 14th, 2017 and will be played at the brand new Scottsdale indoor facility Victorium. This state of the art facility boasts two lined regulation sized courts that will allow our participants to have a true futsal experience. You can sit on the brand new 300 seat bleachers or watch your player from the restaurant/bar that sits high above the courts. This league is open to all players from all clubs with no release necessary to participate. This is not a "coached" league, meaning that all teams are independently formed and run by a parent manager. This league is all about giving players the opportunity to experience the game of futsal while growing your technical skills in a fun and challenging environment.

General League and Registration Info

  • Open to all clubs! No release form necessary.

  • Open to 2009-2003 competitive boys and girls teams.

  • League Dates:  May 14 | May 21 | May 28 OFF | June 4 | June 11 | June 18 | June 25

  • All games to be played at Victorium: 9219 East Hidden Spur Trail Scottsdale AZ 85255

  • Every team must have a designated team manager that is the point of contact for all league communications.  

  • The manager should pay and register the team all at once. Online registrations only!

  • Manager will need to create a new GotSoccer account for the futsal team, do not use your current club team account please!

  • During registration you will be asked for your team name, jersey color, requested level, age group, team manager contact info, and player names/birthdate/current club team.

  • We will cap 2009’s at 4 teams, 2007/2008 at 8 teams, and all other age groups at 6 teams. There will be a waitlist.

  • There will be no individual player registration, but efforts will be made to match single players with current teams when possible.

  • Certified referees only.

  • Black out requests will be taken in to account and every effort will be made to accommodate them.

  • All forfeits will be punishable by a $30 team fine.


Full Field Age Groups: 2006 Boys|2006 Girls|2005 Boys|2005 Girls|2004,2003 Boys (combined)|2004, 2003 Girls (combined)

  • 5v5 w/Goalkeepers

  • 20 minute halves with a 2 minute half time

  • Unlimited substitution

  • Maximum roster of 12

  • $520 per team

  • Games between 8:00am-6pm


Half Field Age Groups: 2009 Boys|2009 Girls|2008,2007 Boys (combined)|2008,2007 Girls (combined)

  • Half of a full size futsal field

  • 4v4 w/Goalkeepers

  • 20 minute halves with 2 minute half time

  • Unlimited substitution

  • Maximum roster of 10

  • $490 per team

  • Games between 8:00am-6pm


2017 Futsal League Rules

  • 2, 20 minute halves with a 2 minute half time.

  • 4 seconds for every kind of restart, if over 4 seconds the ball will be turned over.

  • Goalkeeper may only handle the ball (with hands) inside their penalty area and only for 4 seconds.

  • Goal kicks and corner kicks will be played with a 4 second time limit.

  • Kick-ins from the side instead of throw-ins.

  • Penalty kicks awarded for severe fouls in the penalty area (taken from the top of area).

  • Indirect kicks awarded for all fouls outside penalty area (ball must be touched by kicker and one other player before any shot on goal). Once touched the ball is live.

  • No sliding (except for goalkeepers making saves inside of penalty area).

  • Subs on the fly (does not have to be at a stoppage of play)

  • Goalkeeper must distribute (kick or throw) the ball inside of their own half at all times, if violated this will result in an indirect kick for opposition at the half line

  • Shots may not be taken and goals may not be scored unless the player with the ball is over the half line, if violated the ball will be turned over on the spot of the shot.

Email Jenny Jeffers @ blackhawksfutsal@gmail.com with any questions










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