Forms and Documents

Listed below are the most common forms utilized by Scottsdale Soccer as required by the Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA). Forms listed as Required must be signed and completed, in their entirety, as part of Scottsdale Soccer’s Competitive Registration. Additional forms, not listed below, can be found on the Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) website at under the "Member Admin" tab - "Forms" or on the US Club Soccer website at under the "Resources" tab - "Forms & Document Center".

Additional Club specific Forms that are Required for the Blackhawks Competitive Program are available to Blackhawks Team Managers in the Manager Resource Center in the "Forms" section.

Recreational Registration (Mail-In Only) Registration Form for Payment by Check (Not Necessary if Registering Online)
AYSA Medical Release
Emergency Treatment Permissions - Required with Notary
AYSA Code of Conduct For Every Player, Parent and Staff - Required
AYSA Concussion Policy For Every Player, Parent and Staff - Required
AYSA Travel Papers Team Travel Papers Policy for Out of State Play
AYSA Status Change For Player (Drops / Transfers)
AYSA Member Loan Form Out of District / State and Local Tournament Guest Players
AYSA Interstate Permission Form For a US Youth Soccer Player Playing for your Team from Out-of-State (Guest Play / Transfer / Release) OR Your Player(s) Wish to Guest Play for Another Team from Out-of-State
AYSA Injury Report Form Injury Sustained During US Youth Soccer Activities (Coach Must Sign the Form and Submittal to AYSA Within 30 Days of Injury)
AYSA Online Claim Form Submission Online Injury Claim Form for AYSA's Insurance Provider
US Club Soccer Insurance Page Injury Information for US Club Soccer Events
US Club Soccer Online Claim Form Submission Online Injury Claim Form for US Club Soccer's Insurance Provider and Injuries Sustained During US Club Soccer Activities
AYSA Red Card Standards and Procedures Red Card Offenses and Game Suspension Penalties
AYSA Suspension Fulfillment Form Complete and Submit to Prove Player / Coach Suspension Fulfillment
Blackhawks Online Uniform Team Room Shopping Information  For Every Blackhawks Competitive Program Player 
Blackhawks Online Uniform Existing / New Account Instructions For Every Blackhawks Competitive Program Player





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