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Powerful alone, but better together.

In a world that can leave people isolated, Dignity Health is helping to unleash the healing power of humanity.  An act of humanity can be an act of heroism, big or small.  It can also be an act of kindness, which is more personal but equally powerful.  It’s an act in which one person creates a connection with another, which strengthens them both.  And these human connections can work wonders for the human spirit.  At Dignity Health, we believe these two pillars of humanity and kindness are the yin and yang of healing: powerful alone, but better together.  We call this humankindness.

Humankindness is a team sport.

Dignity Health is proud to partner with and support the Phoenix Rising FC Youth Soccer program.  Sport programs are one way children can learn to embrace humankindness early on, which has a positive effect on the health of our communities.  Humankindness is a team sport. 


We want to help everyone play sports safely. As a national leader in preventing and treating concussions, Dignity Health provides a comprehensive concussion program for young players, which includes diagnosis and a five-step treatment protocol to enable players to safely return after experiencing a concussion.  Through the Dignity Health Concussion Network, we’re working to keep our young players healthy and safe on the field.   


Learn more about Dignity Health and please join us to build a better together.





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