Competitive Program Overview

The Competitive Program of PRFCYS is one of the leading programs in the Southwest region. Headed by an Executive Director and an Executive Team, the all professional coaching staff oversee multiple skill leveled teams including high level travel teams that compete locally, regionally and nationally. This year, we have provided opportunities for 1600 players on over a hundred Scottsdale, Desert Foothills, North Valley, Phoenix, Prescott and Hybrid Program teams ages 7 through 19.
Each Competitive  team is assigned a professional Coach who guides the team through their season.  Seasons begin in August or September and end in March or June depending on the age, level and schedule of each particular team. Each team is supported by a Team Manager whose responsibilities are primarily focused on administrative duties in support of the team’s Coach. Except in emergency circumstances, all on-field training and coaching is done by the professional Coach.
Our soccer programs, as a Club, are mutually exclusive: PRFCYS Competitive Program and cannot also register for the Recreational Program. Likewise, Recreational Program soccer players play for the Recreational Program and cannot also register and play for the PRFCYS Competitive Program. That said, there are several initiatives to help the transition from recreational play to competitive play such as our Recreational Hybrid Teams and Recreational All Star Programs.
In addition to Registration Fees, PRFCYS Players pay Club Team Training Fees, Team Fees (Tournament and Team Expenses) Travel Expenses (if applicable) and Uniform Fees. The amount of these fees varies from team to team and is determined at the beginning of each season. Regardless of the team’s level of competition, PRFCYS Registration Fees are a non-refundable $250.00 with the additional costs for team training, league, administration, tournaments and travel which can average $180.00 - $275.00 per player, per month. This varies by player age, training intensity, tournaments and travel. The best way to determine if the PRFCYS Competitive Program is right for you is to attend our programs, our tryouts or communicate with the coaches on the field or through email. Contact information for each of the staff can be found on the Coaches Page.
The PRFCYS Competitive Program also offers a variety of additional training, some at no cost to the players. Goalkeeping training and the College Advisory Program sessions are two examples. All PRFCYS players are expected to participate in their age appropriate Spring and August sessions, which may be at additional costs (Spring:  FUNdamental Skills, Next Level Training or Elite Age Group Training) and (August:  FUNdamental Skills, Next Level Training or Elite Division Team Training). 
PRFCYS Expectations:
At the start of each season, the Club conducts the PRFCYS Kick-Off which draws every player and their family to an opening day event where we have the opportunity to outline expectations for the season. This program covers many areas such as training times and attendance, playing time and attendance, schedules, budgets, parent support and equipment. The PRFCYS Competitive Program currently brands itself in NIKE uniforms which presents a consistent and cutting edge approach to what the players wear. Selection of uniform style, vendor contracting and price negotiation are done by the Club.  After tryouts and team player selection, the Team Manager can assist with the game and practice uniform requirements for each player.  Individual player families submit, online, their uniform order for fulfillment by our pre-established uniform supplier. Uniform and equipment fees are the responsibility of each player. 

If you have any questions about the PRFCYS Competitive Program, please see your Team Manager or your team's Coach for more information.




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