FAQ - Registration

These Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) are being updated to reflect our new Demosphere online registration system. 

Q1. How can I view my child’s roster and schedule? 

Answer: The coach will provide this information at the first practice.


Q2. The site says there are no available programs for my child - what do I do now?

Answer: Please email info@scottsdalesoccer.com


Q3. How do I create a new account?

 Answer: Click on the "click here" button on any of our registration sub-menus and follow the instructions.


Q4. Tryout Acceptance - How will I find out if my child made a team?

Answer: You will receive a “tryout acceptance” email from your organization.  This email will contain steps to accept your position on a team and pay for the season.

Note: If you know that your child has made a specific team, and you have not received the tryout acceptance email, there are a couple options:
    - Check your spam/junk mail folder for the email
    - Check your account to make sure you signed up for tryouts via your website
    - Call your club and check to see if they have assigned players to teams via the website

Q5. Tryout Acceptance - How can I accept the results of my child’s tryout?

Answer: {to be developed} 


Q6. I already have an account - how do I register my son/daughter for the upcoming season?

Answer: You only need to make one account in your website, and you can continue to use that account for both future registrations and for more children!

   Go to your organization’s website

  Find the program of interest. look for registration, and follow that information.


Q7. How do I log into my account?

Answer: Please email info@scottsdalesoccer.com


Q9. Is my order complete?

Answer: You can make sure that your order is complete by logging into your account and checking your order history.  You will be able to view all completed orders on your account screen.  If you are missing an order, it means your registration is not complete.  On the right side of your account screen, you will see a shopping cart area.  If you can see order details in this area, it means your order is not complete.
Q10. Tryout Acceptance - Why does my order show a $0.00 balance, when I am sure that I owe money?
Answer: Some clubs do not charge a tryout fee, so your account will show a $0.00 balance if you have just signed up to tryout.  Once the tryout acceptance emails have been sent out, you will be able to go back to your account and pay the full amount for the season.  If you need to check on whether or not your child has made a team, you will need to contact your organization directly.
Q11. My child plays with an older age groups and the system will not allow me to sign for the older division.  How do I sign my child up for the older group?
Answer: Most clubs only allow players to sign up for a specific age group.  If your child plays in an older group and that option is not available during registration, you will need to contact your club administrator so that the child can be placed in the older age group.
Q12. I do not want to pay via credit card.  Are there other options available?
Answer: This is decided on a club by club basis.  If your organization accepts payment by check, you will see that option on the checkout screen.  If you do not see this option on the checkout screen, this means that your organization does not accept check payments.  You will need to contact your organization directly to request a different method of payment.
Q13. How can I get a refund?
Answer: Refunds will need to be provided by the organization with which you registered.  To request a cancellation or refund, please contact your club’s administration directly.  Credit card information is not stored by Blue Sombrero, so all refunds will be provided by check.  Refund policies differ for each organization, so please check with your administrator for refund policy details.
Q14. What do I do if I have forgotten my username and/or password?
Answer:{to be developed}.
Q15. I’m having trouble with registration (I get an error message or my system says I do not have access to view a page).  What should I do?
Answer:  If you get a message that says you are not logged in, chances are you need to clear out the cache on your internet browser.  This can be done by going to the “Tools” menu option and then clicking on “Delete Browsing History.”  Once the system has completed this, you can log out of the website and then log back in.  If you were in the middle of a registration, you will be able to get the registration in your shopping cart and pick up where you left off. 
If you get an error message, you just need to log out and log back in to your account.  You will then be able to go to your shopping cart and resume registering. (When you hit "Next," your information is saved, so you will not have to re-do everything).
Q16. How can I edit any of my account or participant information?
Answer: {to be developed}.
Q17. How can I sign up to volunteer?
Answer: You can sign up to volunteer while you are registering your child.
Q20. How can I finish the order I see sitting in my shopping cart?
Answer: Log into your online registration account.  If there is an incomplete registration in your account, you will see the details of the order in the shopping cart section on your account screen.
Q21. How can I view the privacy policy for this website?
Answer: {to be developed} 




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