Speed, Agility and Quickness

Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ’s) training sessions will develop and improve all players’ motor skills with and without a ball. Our SAQ sessions will help players become stronger, faster, quicker and more powerful for their respective sports. These fitness characteristics will be improved through specific movement patterns, reactivity, rotary power, balance, acceleration and deceleration drills, rapid excitation and speed and conditioning drills.


Elite Feet

Elite Feet is a dynamic session using progressive exercises performed with the player and their ball. This session helps in developing a player’s balance, timing, body mechanics, rhythm and coordination. Fast footwork, ball dribbles, turns and moves assist in ball mastery and combinations.


Technical Mastery

Dribbling consists of repetitive and conditioned skill practices designed to enhance dribbles, feints and turns and lower and upper body movements. Ball Mastery, tight space, attacking dribbles and 1v1 activities are the foundation of our training. We build the players strategic analysis of play in pressure situations. Our primary goal is to help produce a player who is imaginative, creative, and confidant on the ball, while also understanding that the game will always revolve around team play.



Final third sessions allow players to improve their ability to create and score goals. We focus on quick and creative play that covers all aspects of what takes place in the final third. This includes combination play, movement to receive the ball, crossing and all types of finishing.


Soccer 6’s

The ‘Small-Sided’ environment is a developmentally appropriate environment for our soccer players. It’s a fun, fast, technical game that allows players the opportunity to get more touches, with fewer players on the field. Small-Sided Games are 4v4 / 6v6 games where players apply all technical, tactical, physical and psychological components taught throughout the week. We also want our soccer players to have more opportunities to score goals.



This is a serious program for driven goalkeepers. Technical and tactical aspects are taught, along with conditioning, nutrition, pressure training, SAQ, leadership and self-confidence. Developing Goalkeepers through a step-by-step process teaching the building blocks necessary to succeed in this critical position.



The Brazilian inspired program is an integral part of our program to develop mastery with the ball and confidence in the player’s all round game.


Soccer Tennis

Soccer Tennis is an individual or partners game that will develop touch, technique and attacking headers. Players apply the techniques they have developed throughout the week in a fun and competitive environment.




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